Эльвира Белянова покупает лекарства


Hi, today we, @belyanova_rg and @yuliahalkova, are  going to talk about pharmacy in Russia and the USA. 🇷🇺 If you are sick in Russia, you can buy anything in the pharmacy: medicine of your choice, ask the pharmacist for advice or buy what your doctor recommended. It can be:
💊something for your cough
💊sore throat
💊even antibiotics
💊and ear drops and all these things -without a prescription! 🇺🇸 In the USA there are no antivirals. At all.❌
Ear drops cannot be bought without prescription. Antibiotics can only be bought with a prescription. What can you buy in a  pharmacy then:
🔹 bread
🔹phone charger
🔹hair dryer
🔹champagne in some states

If you don’t have fever, there is no need to worry,  you go to school or to work. If there is fever, then you visit your doctor and he prescribes medicine and you receive it in the pharmacy of your choice free of charge or for a little price — insurance pays.

P.S. Why do we have such a long receipt from the pharmacy in the picture? We only bought a pair of socks))) . The rest part of the receipt is promo and discounts for  future purchases and even a 5$- coupon)

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