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Меня зовут Аня Петропольская (@anna_pety_life), и я ведущий рубрики «Кругосветка» в Журнале NG. Я расскажу вам обо всем интересном и красивом, что я видела во время своих путешествий. С самого детства занимаюсь танцами, освоила все стили и направления, рисую и занимаюсь дизайном одежды.
С нетерпением жду встречи с вами в журнале!
Фото Амир Гумеров @amirgumerov

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Around the world

Hey, guys! I’m Anna Petropolskaya (@anna_pety_life) and I’m here with my first post of «Around the world».
In February 2017 I went on a spring family vacation to Italy. We visited 4 cities, travelled more than 500 km by car, train and on foot. It was an unforgettable experience and I’m so thankful for that. But the most special thing was a day in Venice.
Venice is the city of channels, carnivals and millions of tourists. It’s one of the wonders of our world that can dissappear like Atlanta. 26th February was the last day of Canevale di Venezia. Everyone was wearing a costume and the next competitor was better than the previous one. We arrived at 1 pm and used a waterbus to get to San Marco* (the main square of the city). There was «The best mask award». People all over the world arrived there to take part in that event. Unfortunately, we didn’t get places next to the stage so we couldn’t see what was happening there. So after half an hour we left and started walking across the tiny streets. We were luckier with the weather than the day before* (it was raining cats and dogs). The sun was shining but it was cold a bit because of being next to the water.
Can you imagine the beauty of this city? It’s incredible in any part of the day and in all seasons. I disagree with a woman who was shouting during all the waterbus trip that Venice was a simple grey place. As for me, I will be back again.
It’s the first part about Venice. I’ll come back soon!

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